Guest rooms with a view bath and an inn for creative cuisine

【Official】Funny Inn

Pleasure to spend in a guest room with an open-air bath with a superb view Satisfaction to enjoy creative gastronomy

Funny Inn is a small inn with 6 rooms, which is popular for its rooms with open-air baths and free private open-air baths.
A luxurious time to be healed by the magnificent view of the Northern Alps and the scent of natural wood!

"You can meet new dishes whenever you come"
Enjoy the time when you get drunk with the creative gastronomy and abundant wine that are highly acclaimed by regulars.
Please enjoy a high-quality healing holiday to your heart's content.

We will consider allergies and foods that we are not good at as much as possible.
Please contact us when making a reservation.

Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

  • Initiatives of this facility

    ●The facility has 6 rooms, but the maximum daily reception is limited to 5 groups.
    In addition, the use of the cafeteria is limited to 4 groups.

    ●We will take care to keep a sufficient distance between customers in the cafeteria.

    ●We thoroughly disinfect alcohol, and disinfect the parts that come into contact with customers, such as tables and doorknobs in dining rooms and lobbies, toilets and guest rooms.

    ●The staff will be happy to wear a mask.

    ●The windows in public spaces are always open for adequate ventilation.
  • Request for cooperation from customers

    ●Alcohol disinfectants are placed in several places in this facility.
    We appreciate your understanding and consideration.

    ●When you enter the museum, we ask for your cooperation in measuring the temperature, disinfecting your fingers, and wearing a mask properly.

    ●If you cancel due to poor physical condition, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will not charge a cancellation fee until the morning of the day.

    ●Please enter the names of all the guests in the lodging book.

Foreign language reservation


  • Chef's original creative Southern France cuisine

    A dish prepared by the owner chef with the utmost care while interweaving seasonal ingredients such as Hakuba summer vegetables, Alps Pork, and Shinshu Salmon.
    Being aware of local production for local consumption, the food content is determined by the ingredients of the day, so the menu will not be the same every day.

Within this facility / facility

  • Lobby lounge

    A South European-style lobby with an eye-catching heater like a large wood-burning stove.
    Relax in the rocking chair.
    Relax with your spouse before the holidays with wine from the wine cellar.
  • Restaurant

    An unobstructed restaurant with a view full of wind and light.
    In the morning and evening, the scenery outside and the dishes on the table change depending on the season.
    The best holiday starts here.
  • Open-air bath with a view

    The renovation work of the Alps view open-air bath was completed on October 4, 2017, and the Amakusa stone open-air bath can now be used.
    It can be reserved for 24 hours. ((Free)
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Hotel Name

Funny Inn


2455-1 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by taxi from Hakuba Station on the JR Oito Line
60 minutes from Azumino IC / Nagano IC / Itoigawa IC

■There is a pick-up service
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A word from the owner

  • Welcome to Funny Inn

    I love skiing and have moved to Hakuba Village for over 20 years.
    If you love mountains, nature, stars and snow, please talk to us.

    An owner chef who loves delicious food.
    I am doing cooking research because I want people to eat only what I think is "delicious".
    If you have a dish that you like, please let us know.
    I will talk about recipes, ingredients, variations, etc.
    If we can share the excitement with our customers, we will never be so happy.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.