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  2. Open-air bath with a view

Open-air bath with a view

Feel the change of the four seasons and the change of time with your skin

  • Renewed open-air bath with a view

    The renovation work of the Alps view open-air bath was completed on October 4, 2017, and the Amakusa stone open-air bath can now be used.
    Today was the best view of the Northern Alps, and it was a blissful time to take a bath while watching the mountains of Hakuba where the autumn colors began.
    Amakusa stone is fine and fits well with hot water, so it does not make you feel that it is a stone.
    The soft feel is like cypress.
    Please experience.
  • Two private open-air baths

    Hakuba in early spring and autumn / winter is cold.
    The open-air bath alone can ruin your bath time because it is cold when you wash your body.
    This facility is connected to the red granite-style indoor bath and the open-air bath of Japanese cypress, so you can enjoy a warm bath time at any time.

    The other bath is a black Mikage stone style, which can be used as an open-air bath from spring to autumn (April to early November) and as an open-air bath during the midwinter (mid-November to mid-April) in the Northern Alps.
    Outside, both baths have wooden decks and benches where you can lie down and enjoy the flowing clouds and stars.

Hot spring information list

Open Air Bath

Only one of men and women((Including mixed bathing)

Private Bath

24 hours OK


The observation bath can be used as a semi-open-air bath from spring to autumn, and as an indoor bath in winter.
Hair dryer is in the bathroom.