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Sightseeing around

How to play Hakuba

"What can you do if you stay at Funny Inn...? "
"What are the recommendations of the owner's family that are not listed in the guidebook? "
I responded to such a voice.

Outdoor activities and hands-on classrooms that you can enjoy in the surrounding area, leisure activities in this area, etc.
Discounted prices will be applied when you apply at Funny Inn.

It may be difficult to go all around in time, but please make a plan by combining it with famous tourist spots.
I hope you find it helpful.
  • Outdoor sports experience

    *Please contact the facility as the price and holding period will change depending on the time and day of the week.
    *If you apply at Funny Inn, you will get a discounted price.
    *Please pay the safety management fee separately on site.
    • Paraglider((Half day)

      The paragliding experience is a practice for beginners.
      You will have to go up and down the slope of the ski resort several times to experience floating (about 1m above the ground).

      It is a "tandem flight" that actually flies in the sky for a long time.
      Restrain with a harness and enjoy gliding under the control of an instructor.
      It will be a flight of about 15 minutes with an altitude difference of 650m from Happoone Rabbitdaira to the foot of Mt. Meiki.
      Please contact us for details such as costs.
    • Rafting

    • Shower walking

    • Raft picnic

    • Canoe

    • Firefly cruise

      *Elementary school students get a 500 yen discount.
  • Safe even on rainy days

    *Prices and holding periods vary depending on the time of year and the day of the week, so please contact each facility.
    • Ceramic art

      A separate shipping fee will be charged upon completion.
    • Tensoba soba noodles

      I pick edible wild plants myself and make tempura.
    • Soba making

      Making handmade soba.
    • Crafts such as driftwood art

      Log work, wood burning, silver clay, driftwood craft, etc.
      Prices vary depending on the event, so please contact us at this facility.
    • Making oyaki

      Oyaki is a local dish of Shinshu and is like a Chinese steamed bun.
  • Highlights around Matsumoto

    • Utsukushigahara Plateau

      An outdoor sculpture exhibition of young artists with alpine plants and views of the Southern, Central and Northern Alps, Tateshina, Sugadaira and Yatsugatake.
      The milk sold on the roadside is very delicious.
      About 3 hours around Matsumoto.
  • Highlights around Hotaka and Azumino

    • Daio Wasabi Farm

      Wasabi soft serve ice cream and wasabi pickles,The best wasabi garden in Japan.
      Immediately after getting off the Toyoshina IC.
    • Janssen Tsukahara Museum

      The most recommended museum in Azumino.
      Located near JR Hotaka Station.
  • Highlights around Omachi

    • Misato

      Probably the No. 1 soba restaurant in this area.
      Turn right at the intersection of R148, Lake Kizaki, and Inao, enter the new village, and it is on the right side of the first crossroads.
      The water wheel is a landmark.
    • Lake Kisaki / Lake Aoki

      Lake Kisaki is recommended for boating, and Lake Aoki is recommended for enjoying the scenery.
      Especially, driving while bathing in the sunlight through the road around Lake Aoki is short but pleasant.
    • Kurobe Dam