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Our pension offers a wonderful start to each day. You will have a beautiful hot breakfast included in your stay. No day is the same with breakfast menus offering a delightful surprise each day from the best French toast you’ve ever had, the popular eggs benedict, a variety of omelettes coupled with homemade jams and yogurt, fresh baked bread, coffee and teas made with Hakuba’s pristine water, fresh juices and fruit.

※Breakfast time
You can choice from 7:30 or 8:00.
If you want have abreakfast from other time,
we do it to meet a demand as much as possible. Please ask me.


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egg benedict


Comments of Chef

Dinner menu
・ A three course set menu ¥3000
・ A five course degustation menu at ¥4500






Both menus are a wonderful fusion of the best Japanese local produce coupled with fine dining European menus and wines.

Your food experience will not be limited to our menus as we will offer you other suggestions to the most popular restaurants all within walking distance from our pension.



Our signature menu takes you on a journey using the finest of local produce selected daily by our French trained chef.
※ Depend on dates,menu is flexible.

Jan'10th 2012 dinner menu
Course 1: Porcini and Gorgonzola Cheese Quiche

A wonderful start to the menu, this dish opens up the palette to the delicate flavours captured in this lovely combination.

Course 2: Bottarga Pasta

Using the roe of small fish that is massaged by hand to eliminate air pockets and cured in sea salt, this beautiful caviar style roe is combined with Pecorino cheese to present a delicate pasta dish.

Course 3: Shinshu Trout

Using trout from the local area served with a light red paprika sauce, this fish dish in cooked by original recipe of Funny Inn

Course 4: Hakuba Pork

Wrapped in rock salt, this premium cut of Hakuba pork is slow roasted and served with handmade wasabi that is made in the traditional style where the wasabi root is grated against the shark’s skin. Beautifully complementing this is another traditional dish in cabbage and bacon served with a sauce made from baby veal, honey, red wine and shallots.

Course 5 (Dessert): Tarte Tatin

A famous French style apple pie, this dish was first created in Lamotte-Beavron, south of Paris in the 1880’s. Cooked upside down with the pastry on top, this dish is a perfect finish to the evening, served with coffees and teas.

Menu Variations:

Please do let us know if you have any allergies or prefer a vegetarian option. We will also happily cater for kids.

A lovely selection of wines are available to complement our menus or just to have in the evening.